• Weight Lost: 60.8 Pounds
  • Inches Lost: 21 1/2 Inches
  • Body fat % lost: 9.5%

"I had no idea that 2012 would be so life changing. It all started when my husband and I checked out the gym in our community. We noticed they offered personal trainers. At the front desk there was an offer to sign up for a free personal training session, so we both signed up. Within two days we got a call from Rick Anderson. We scheduled a time for our first personal training session on April 17th, 2012.

We were pleasantly surprised with our workout with Rick, so much, that we signed up for a series of workouts for the next ten days. In the past, we have tried many different gyms and personal trainers, but we're never quite satisfied. There was always a lack of professionalism. When we met Rick, we knew he was dedicated and is passionate about what he does. My husband and I have been training with Rick for almost eight months now. He has been the best coach; always aware if you are correctly performing the exercise. Rick makes you aware of what muscles you should be working and the correct form so you don't injure yourself. He is so dedicated and caring. When you think you just can't do one more repetition, Rick is there to coach you through it, "You got this", or " You can do it"!

Rick has helped my husband and I to achieve our goals of: weight loss, increased energy, and better eating habits. In turn, we feel better, look better, and have more self confidence. I really believe we owe our success to Rick for his knowledge, passion, determination, and all the encouragement he continues to give us. Rick is by far the best trainer we have ever had!"

Work Smarter Not Harder