"I took about 10 years off from exercising when I was pregnant and raising my 4 young kids. During my pregnancies I put on more weight and lost less after each one. I started exercising with Rick at Burn Personal Training at the beginning of this year, and the weight started coming off slowly, 1-2 pounds per month, and my body started looking more muscular and toned. Rick also helped me establish better eating habits, so I haven’t felt like I was dieting. I was already trying to eat healthy, but by cutting out a few foods and eating frequent small meals, I was able to improve my metabolism and lose weight without being hungry. I now weigh 120 pounds which is 5 pounds less than I weighed when I got married, before I started having kids…and I feel great!"

Christie also incorporated AdvoCare supplements Spark, 10-Day Herbal Cleanse, ThermoPlus and Catalyst into her daily routine and has lost 15 pounds.

Work Smarter Not Harder