"In January of 2012, I received a wake up call in the form of a Weight Maintenance Challenge at work.  The goal was to maintain one's weight from October thru January.  I was already at a high point for my weight going into the period, which I call The Eating Season, so I signed up in hopes of avoiding the yearly 5 pound gain.  There was a $5 entry fee.  If you maintained your weight, you received your $5 back.  Sadly, I gained 5 pounds and lost my $5.  I am generally a good eater.  I don't eat fast food or drink and I love salads and vegetables, but I also enjoy sweets.  They are my downfall during The Eating Season.

I have always made time for exercise in my day even if it meant waking at 5 AM to fit it in.  I would work out in the basement to an exercise DVD or walk on my treadmill.  I thought I was doing everything I could with no results to show for my efforts.  As a birthday gift to myself, I met with Rick to discuss personal training in March.  He asked me about my goals and I told him I had a beach trip planned for June.  Rick was great at keeping my goal front and center at every workout.  He pushed me further than I had ever done myself.  Specifically, he gave me weights I never imagined I could handle.  In my basement I was using 3 and 5 pound weights but he was giving me 7, 10, 12 pound weights and telling me I could do it and I did.

Working out with Rick also gave me accountability to someone else (and his scale), which kept me focused on eating well which was very important in my end results.  In addition, I came to Rick complaining of lower back pain.  He added stretches and exercises to strengthen the muscles and improve that pain.  He focused on making sure I wasn't putting added strain on my back or doing anything that caused me pain.  He continues to keep my back in mind or any other complaint I present.

Rick's availability and dedication to his clients is another benefit to me.  I have been able to train at times that work in my schedule instead of working my schedule around a gym class.  Rick has also done a great job taking on the challenge of training my husband and me.  We are at different points in our weight loss, are very different body types and have different goals, but he is able to provide workouts that we can do together while adjusting for all those things.  He does a great job of providing variety and bringing in new equipment to keep workouts fun and fresh. 

While I met my initial goal and was very comfortable on the beach, I have set a new goal for myself and plan to continue working with Rick at Burn Personal Training.  I recommend you do too!"

Work Smarter Not Harder