Congratulations to Meghan Parsons! Meghan followed the Burn Personal Training systems and in 5 months lost 30 lbs, dropped 3 pant sizes, and is now in the athletic range of body fat percentage.Please take a look at her story; a lot of you may be able to relate:

"Most of my adult life I have struggled with my weight. It’s always been an up hill battle for me. I tried diet after diet. I worked out at a gym. I kept a food journal. I did everything that I thought I needed to do, but I could never seem to lose a substantial amount of weight . Any weight I did lose would come right back on before I knew it.

My weight loss attempts always seemed to go the same way. When I went to the gym I either ran on the treadmill or I did the elliptical for hours because that’s all I knew how to do. That would last for a few weeks. When I got bored of the gym, I tried doing workout videos at home, which I really enjoyed, but I found that it was very hard to motivate myself. I found myself using almost any excuse to skip. Eventually, my workouts at home would taper off and then ultimately stop. My eating habits would go back to the way they were (poor) and the food journaling would stop.

The breaking point for me was seeing myself in a family picture on Facebook earlier this year. I was so embarrassed. I knew I had gained weight, but actually seeing it was devastating. Past attempts at losing weight on my own always failed. I realized that I needed help. The first thing I did was change my eating habits rather then "dieting." There actually is a big difference. The AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge meal plan helped me learn how to eat right. My eating habits changed from a "diet" to eating "clean" and eating "real" food. After changing my diet, the weight started coming off, but I didn’t really see much physical change until I started working out with Rick. In July I joined Rick’s group fitness classes and I really started to see my body change. I got to know some of Rick’s clients and they asked me to join their one-on-one sessions and that’s what took me to the next level. I absolutely love the accountability and support system that we’ve created. Instead of just doing the treadmill and elliptical, I'm doing high intense workouts incorporating strength and aerobic exercises. I'm working my whole body and gaining lean muscle. I find myself looking forward to my workouts. I’m currently working out 5-6 days a week and couldn’t imagine my life any other way."

Work Smarter Not Harder